Monday, 30 January 2012

My week in Instagram

I’ve seen this post floating around the internet and so I’m catching on with the trend.  But I didn’t take these photos with instagram… except one of them, so it’s just regular photos on my fancy phone that has a camera.  And only one isn’t animal related.  Also, warning for slight vomit at the last photo.

Bear with me.  It’s been a while since I’ve had the internet.


My pug puppies.  Seriously, you’d think that *I* gave birth to them, the way I’m flashing this picture around.


I went to go grab myself a snack after a hard afternoon’s reading whilst lying on my bed.  I come back to find that Buddy has worked his way under the sheets and is all cuddled up, but has left himself a peep hole so that he can keep an eye out for me when I come back.  I miss that little guy already but I’m sure he’s happy that his family are home now.


I have no idea how girls take engagement photos of their hands… although maybe the boy that just proposed to them takes the picture?  It’s darn hard!  This is a gorgeous ring that my mama brought me for Christmas and I finally had it resized.  So beautiful!


We had a dog boarding at work who is an absolute sweetheart.  I helped to come in on a Sunday to check in on her and clean her cage.  I stopped by before church and decided to be nice and spend some extra time with her because I felt bad that she was stuck in the clinic, despite the fact that I’d finished all my chores.  I sat down on the floor and we spent a nice half hour, just cuddling.  I thought to myself “hmm… better get going if I want to make it to church on time”… when she promptly vomited all over me.  This is as much as I could get off me.  Also, I just spotted the bonus vomit in the right-hand corner of the picture.  I had to run home, change and then hightail it to church!  Haha, I still love that girl though!


Katie said...

It's fantastic that most of your photos are full of animals. Hopefully there's a little less dog vomit in your future, though!

Jenna (SewSavoirFaire) said...

Yaaaay! Photos of animals! What an amazing thing to have been a part of with the little puggies (I of course am referring to the whole story about the pugs arrival!)

That photo of Buddy is so cute! I bet he misses you!

The ring is so pretty! I think you did a smashing job with the photo taking.

PS - what the heck is your instagram handle? I'm sewsavoirfaire!

memory said...

i love instagram. wish i had an iphone. your new blog look is cute! i haven't been around here in a while :\


Abigail said...

You have total right to flash that pug picture everywhere!

Your ring is absolutely gorgeous!!! It's so unique and cool.

Poor little vomity puppy-kins is so cutee, yes she is!!!! I am sorry you got vomited on, though... eww...

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

Whoa Whoa Whoa!!! Look at you page!? I almost didn't recognize this little space of yours!! Looks so amazing! Fresh and pretty and oh so fun. :)

Love your instagram pics...what is you IG name? I'm @hotchild! FIND ME!!!

Love that pretty ring.

Hope you are having a great week so far!!

Blaire said...

Hey Laura- 1st let me say thanks for commenting on my blog I am glad you found me.
2nd- I sympathize with your hand picture. As a goal to myself I am trying to take more photos of my life. But having just a camera phone I am seeing how hard it is to take "good" photos. But I do love the ring.
3rd- I also love the photos of puppies. I have a cat but I am personally a dog kind of girl.

Thanks for finding me and introducing yourself to me. I look forward to reading more.