Monday, 23 April 2012

My time at Supanova

This weekend I volunteered at the Australian version of Comic Con which is known here as Supanova.  It was a ton of fun and I’m so glad I did it.  We worked two shifts and then got time off in the middle of the day to wander around.
Unfortunately my volunteer registration seemed to have slipped through the cracks and I wasn’t on the roster.  Which meant that I wasn’t allocated one of the big names that I wanted, like my friends who got the Weasley twins and Inara from Firefly.  Nonetheless I was in charge of the line for Richard Horvitz.  People seemed super excited to see him but I was freaking out and frantically googling the guy to try and find out what he’d been in as I had no idea!  He’s a voice actor and was pretty darn amazing.  I enjoyed hearing him do all his different voices for his fans who all delighted in seeing him in the flesh.  He was so sweet with his fans and really took the time to chat to all of them and make them feel special.  I was impressed!  The poor guy, his voice was starting to sound hoarse by the end of the day!

My joy of the day came when Admiral Adama himself brushed past me.  Eeeek!!  So exciting.  Apart from the fact that he looked so old, it made me feel sad.

My personal thoughts on some of the guests: Summer Glau was absolutely gorgeous.  Every time I see her on TV, I don’t think she is particularly pretty but in the flesh, she is divine!
Peter Facinelli (the Cullen dad from Twilight) was directly opposite me during his signing and was unbelievably handsome.  When my line was quiet, I spent a LOT of time just staring at him in a creepy manner.

During my break, I watched a panel done by the Weasley twins.  They seemed like nice guys and were old hands at answering any type of question thrown at them, either from small adorable children or creepy old women (I dread the day I will become one of them!).

I was very proud of myself as I didn’t spend any money on celebrities, I just had a great time peeking at them.  I loved wandering around and seeing all the stalls but my favourite part- seeing the costumes.  The only thing I didn’t enjoy was being pushed aside by a guy who was dressed as Darth Vader.  I truly hope he just didn’t see me when he was wearing his mask- I hope he wasn’t getting too into his role as Vader because that’s really douchey.

Ghostbusters having a chat to Mal from Firefly, whilst Princess Leia (wearing ZERO underwear) hangs out in the foreground.


Every year I say I will dress up- and every year I forget until I’m at the convention!  I made a vow that next year I would dress up.  I got really excited when I worked out who I would be.  I decided to dress up as Cersei from Game of Thrones and that way I can justify going all out on the costume because I can then wear it to the medieval fair when I go.  That made me super happy!

This was my volunteer’s lanyard with all my pins :) I brought a pin for my ‘Send Something Good’ buddy.  So many girls asked about my mockingjay pin!



Katie said...

I've never been to a Supanova, although I've attended a couple of Armageddons with the Failboats. The crowds of people drive me crazy but I do love attending the talks. It looks like you had a particularly fantastic day!

Abigail said...

Isn't Comicon/Supanova amazing??? You got to see some of the same people that I saw earlier this month! So cool! Maybe next year I'll volunteer, too! Totally agree with you on Summer Glau-- she's gorgeous! And Olmos rocks my world.

Sarahcastically said...

UM.... I am so jealous right now. ADMIRAL ADAMA!!! Ugh I would have died. Not really. But that's so cool.

Also, Slave Leias make me uncomfortable. ESPECIALLY the ones without underwear.

Supanova Cosplay Leia said...

I was Leia - I had underwear on - you can see the clear bra straps that hold it in place.

Laura Elizabeth said...

Fairplay to you Leia and thanks for the comment. I didn't think people would actually wander around without underwear in a costume that revealing, so thanks for clearing that up for me :) And maybe I'll see you in Brisbane!

Supanova Cosplay Leia said...

This costume has modified underwear that's got clear bra straps either side (basically cut up normal full brief underwear and put seams on that they can hook into so you can take them off when you wash them) and a "modesty" pannel that goes from the front skirt to the back through the legs - basically like a big sexy diaper.
So technically I have at least two layers on just like everyone else - I could do a high kick and you wouldn't see anything other than purple or possibly "skin colour" if the modesty pannel for some (unlikely) reason shifts.

Yep, all that trouble to be covered and people still thought I had nothing on under it. I don't know if I should be annoyed about the countless hours that went into design and creation or impressed that it gives that illusion...?