Thursday, 26 April 2012


It has been a bit quiet on the home front recently.  I switched shifts with someone at work and now I’m only working two days a week in a row.  I feel so lazy because I don’t do anything with all this cool spare time I have.  I know it won’t last so I really should try and make the most of it. 

Any ideas?

I am also bummed because it means that I am at work less and I love my job, even if I may complain about it from time to time.  I’m only human. 

Tomorrow I will be heading home to try and get a start in cleaning out my room.  I must be ruthless!  My mum is trying to sell our house and therefore does not need all my stuff lying around my bedroom.  And even if she doesn’t end up selling, I really do need to have a good clean out.  I MUST BE RUTHLESS!!

Then on Friday night I’m going to see a movie with Kristy.  It is on at 9:15pm… WAY past my bedtime!!  I will probably need a nap in order to stay awake.  We’re seeing ‘The Cabin in the Woods’ as part of our local film festival. I’ve been dying to see this movie and I’m looking forward to getting to see it a good three months before it gets released in Australia.

Saturday, I’ll be looking after my little buddy, Buddy.  I went round to his house this afternoon to pick up the keys and his owner was amazed at how much he loved me!  As soon as I sat down, he jumped up on my lap.  He’s not really allowed on the furniture… except I allow him up on the furniture when I house sit.  Oops… busted!!


Katie said...

Free time is such a dangerous thing! I worked four days out of five for ages, with vague plans of using the day off to write... but nothing every happened. It takes so much self-discipline not to enjoy a lovely, work-free day!

Good luck with being ruthless on your old room. I hope it goes well and that you find some old treaures. :)

Abigail said...

Hooray for "Cabin in the Woods"!!! Can't wait to share thoughts with you about it!

And I agree with Katie above-- free time is dangerous! You could try to make a list of books you want to read for fun and work your way through them? Speaking of which-- I ordered the Tiger book! It's on the way!

Sarahcastically said...

Everyone has told me Cabin in the Woods is awesome. It is definitely on my To See ASAP list.

Good luck going through your stuff! I always seem to suffer through alternating attacks of nostalgia and secondhand embarrassment whenever I try to go through my old stuff... hopefully it will be more of the former for you, if either. :)

Emily grapes said...

Working 2 days a week is bliss!! It takes some getting used to with all those days off in a row, but once you do, its great!!
Have a great weekend
Emily at Amazing Grapes

Kaysie said...

You could read a new book!

Enjoy your little break for now. I'm sure as a vet nurse there will be times where you beg for one

chrissy said...

hahahaha... buddy ratted you out! that is just way too cute.

Sunny & Star said...

In a couple of weeks, I am going to have more free time. With this free time I am planning to read more, scrapbook, take a small vacation, write more, and make more crafts. I have really gotten into this and have been thinking about opening an esty shop.

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Elizabeth and Kyle @ Love Is the Adventure said...

Girl, I am with you. My parents are trying to sell their house this summer and have demanded that I come home and try to weed out all of my possessions stored in their garage. I can't blame them. I am such a packrat!

Also, Cabin in the Woods is AMAZING!!! I had so much fun seeing it in the theatre. Can't wait to hear what you think!