Friday, 4 May 2012

A half-arsed catch up

So many things to write about and I wish I could do longer posts about each but in reality, I’m lazy :)

Today I made the greatest dinner of all time.  I brought a barbecued chicken from the supermarket, made chips, Girl Roomie made gravy and I served it all with buttered white bread.  SO GOOD!!!  Fatty food is the real reason that I love winter.  It becomes a survival instinct to serve warm, carby food… or at least that’s the excuse I tell myself.

This week has become the MOVIE week.  I went and saw The Avengers today with Danielle and it was everything I dreamed it would be. Except for the fact that I feel like the entire last hour was spent destroying New York City.  I get this weird anxious feeling when I watch action movies and everything gets blown up and there’s debris everywhere.  In the back of my mind, I have this running monologue “Who’s going to clean all that up?  And how long will that take?  Oh I hope nobody was in that building when it collapsed.  Who am I kidding?  It’s daytime, I bet there were a bunch of innocent bystanders in there.  Oh dear.  Will the city go bankrupt trying to rebuild itself after all this chaos?”

And on Saturday I am going to go out with a work friend.  I’m excited because SHE asked me to do something on Saturday.  Yay… I won’t have a boring weekend like last one.  And on Sunday, we have a Roomies date to go and see The Five Year Engagement. 

OH and a few people have asked how I went with my friend dilemma from a few posts ago.  Well, the lady actually came in to work a few days ago and was like “I just popped in to say hi” and we chatted for a bit.  So I felt like it was totes the right time to invite her out for coffee so I asked her and for the teensiest split second, her face was like “huh?” as if it was super weird that I was asking her but she covered it up quickly and said that it sounded good.  So now I feel bad and weird and creepy.  I might wait a couple of weeks and see if I feel less awkward.

Again with the movies, I saw Cabin in the Woods last week.  So much fun!  I’ve never laughed so hard and gone “ahhhh!” in the same breath before.  Joss Whedon is one of the few people that I will blindly follow from project to project.  I mean, I don’t love everything he does but at least I’ll check it out.  Plus, that movie contains bonus Thor.  And Topher from Dollhouse who really should be in everything.

I’m “Buddy”-sitting this weekend again.  I don’t actually like being away from my Millie Katniss Winter (is coming) so often… not that she really even cares/notices I’ve gone, but I need the monies. So I’ll be off the grid.  I will however probably be bored as I won’t have the internet so who knows what I’ll get up to!


Suzy Marie said...

I totally think "who is going to clean this up?!" too haha!!! I loved Avengers too :) So many sexy people haha.

Danielle said...

It's so funny that you mentioned that about all the destruction because that always unsettles me in these epic movies! Even though I KNOW it's CGI, I still think, What? Beautiful buildings detroyed! Don't flip that car -- there are people in it!! And it makes my stomach go into knots.

I'm still on an Avengers high. I'm kind of concerned, though, with how much I like Loki. Not good to be a fan of the bad guy!