Sunday, 20 May 2012

A Busy Weekend

Lots of things happened this weekend.
Girl Roomie and I went to a local vintage place. I made her come with me because I was like “It’ll be fun, let’s look at all the cool things we can get”. And then we went and looked at all the cool things we could get… if we had a massive house and were millionaires. Because we live in a tiny house and have no money, it made us slightly depressed and we had to get McDonald’s to cheer ourselves up.
Just some nice stuff I can never afford
I’m slipping this bit in in the middle so I can gloss over it and pretend it never happened. One of our dogs, Katie, was put to sleep. She was old and with winter approaching, it was making her arthritis unbearable (even with meds) and so Boy Roomie’s family made the decision to put her to sleep. Even though I think it was the right thing to do, it doesn’t make it any easier.
Snuggling whilst watching TV
It’s only been a day and it’s strange when I go out to the back and she’s not there. It’s nice to not have to see her struggling to walk anymore… but it’s sad because when she was hobbling, it was always because she was hobbling over to see you for a cuddle. She was a great old lady and she always made me laugh because she would body slam Tessa who was bigger than her out of the way if she thought Tess was getting a better pat than she was. I know she’ll be bounding around in Doggy Heaven.
Our girls… Nilly trying to stuff her face as usual!
And in other news, my workplace is moving. We’re moving only a few stores down and opening up in the new place on Monday. The new practice is about twice the size and we have SO much room! This weekend we all went in to help move things and clean up. I’m sneakily glad I’m not working on Monday, but I can’t wait to go in on Tuesday.
Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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Suzy Marie said...

Sorry about Katie :(