Saturday, 26 May 2012

The best night ever…

…happened on Wednesday night.  When Girl Roomie, Kristy and I all went to the KNOTBSB concert.  Basically two boybands for the price of one.  I’ve never even really heard a New Kids On The Block song but Backstreet Boys ruled my life as a young teen so I brought tickets the very second they went on sale.  Even though we got tickets straight away, we were still right up the back.  Guess there are a lot of boyband fans in my town. 

It was actually pretty funny seeing the audience at the concert.  As Girl Roomie commented, “it’s like there’s a magnet here pulling all the women aged from 20-40” and it was so true!  But just because we’re not teenage girls anymore, doesn’t mean we can’t scream like them!!!

I had THE best time!!!  I’m surprised I didn’t lose my voice.  I kept giggling and yelling “THIS IS SO AMAZING!!!!”.  We kept clutching at one another, I guess as an alternate way of pinching ourselves to make sure we weren’t dreaming.  Despite the older ages of the gentlemen on the stage, there was still a lot of choreographed dance moves… often lifted straight from the videos.   This especially delighted me.

It was so much fun because it was like thirteen year old me is so happy at getting to see Backstreet Boys in the flesh.  And at the same time, 26 year old me was checking out all those hotties on stage!  And I was ironically enjoying the music to start off with… and then I couldn’t deny it anymore, it’s all just plain fun pop.  And the spectacle of it all was amazing.  There were so many fireworks and explosions.

I started out the concert not really caring about NKOTB but watching them perform and just giving in to the pop music, I became like the biggest NKOTB fan in all the land!  And a BIG fan of Joey McIntyre- yum!!  Actually time had been kind to all the guys. 

And now I leave you with the pictures Girl Roomie took from all the way back.  Good thing she has a zoom!

And just for funsies, here’s the picture I took with my phone

Haha, they are in the bright beam of light… can’t see anything!!!


Katie said...

My favourite part of this entire post was when you referred to the singers as "gentlemen on the stage". It provided me with the most hilarious imagery and I thank you for it.

Sarahcastically said...

This is awesome and I'm jealous. I was always more into NSYNC when I was 12 but I would definitely not have said no to this. (Forever waiting for an NSYNC reunion... Justin I feel like it has to be your fault that it has not happened yet...)