Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Blu Ray Tuesday #18

The movie: Peep World


The menu: Pizza

You’ve never heard of this movie?  Don’t worry, us neither.  However, this movie will go down in history because this is the movie that Girl Roomie chose and with that decision, she joined Boy Roomie and myself in “The Worst Movie Pickers Ever” club.  It’s taken almost a year but she has finally joined our illustrious ranks.

This movie blowed.  It tried too hard to be a little indie black comedy (and don’t get me wrong, there were some funny moments) but it just wasn’t. 

This bit needs capital letters because it’s important.  DON’T FALL FOR THE FACT THAT IT HAS ALL THESE GREAT ACTORS IN IT.  DON’T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE WE DID.  Just because it has Dwight from The Office, Dexter from… Dexter, Sarah Silverman, Judy Greer, that chick from American Horror Story, that guy from Alias doesn’t mean the movie is going to be ok.  They were all good, don’t get me wrong.  They just couldn’t save the movie.

Recommended?:  No.  Just… no.  Although there were funny bits, they were far and few between.  What they fell between were some horribly awkward bits where characters’ situations went from bad to worse.  There was so much painful second-hand embarrassment and frustration that I said on several occasions, “I can’t watch this.  I can’t watch this”.  Don’t watch this.


Abigail said...

I have never seen you so emphatically down on a movie. Wow, it must've been terrible!

"Crazy Stupid Love", on the other hand, is AMAZING. Watch it next!

Emily w/Amazing Grapes said...

haha, Ok ok!! I'll definitely stay far far away from this movie. Thanks for the NON recommendation. haha
Emily at Amazing Grapes

Katie said...

Thanks for the warning! I hope next Tuesday's pick is more successful (although dinner was a good choice at least).