Friday, 3 February 2012

Day Three

Day 3 of the February photo a day challenge is entitled ‘hands’.  Here is a picture of mine.


Please note the cut on my hand.  It occurred just after the run in with the mean lady on the phone.  I was thinking up revenge schemes comparable to anything a villainous mastermind could envisage whilst unpacking some stock.  I was so busy in my thoughts that I cut through the box and straight through to my hand.  Blood everywhere!  Serves me right!!


Jenna (SewSavoirFaire) said...

Yikes! Check out that war wound! You should get one of those fancy rings that Alaric has...that would probably keep you safe. Unless it breaks and you get sent to the hospital...and meet an attractive but somewhat allusive doctor...oh wait. I hate when TVD life starts to intertwine with real life :p

Abigail said...

:( So sorry about the cut! Hope it feels better soon! But now you know it's better to breathe and relax than stew and plan evil schemes (but evil schemes are so much more satisfying).

Remy Hadley said...

>_o ouchies!

Sarah O'Holla said...

Ouch is right. Pretty fabric in the background though! What is that?