Friday, 24 February 2012

New Obsession

As a joke at work, whenever I walk in and there’s a cat out the back, I always say “This one’s mine?”.  Today when I did my hilarious joke, the vet said “Yeah, this one actually can be yours”.  I was like “WHAT?!?!?”.

Yesterday, some people brought in a cat to be put to sleep.  They had been renting a place and keeping a cat there which was not allowed.  Once the owner of the place found out about the cat, the people were told to get rid of the cat or move out.  So they brought the cat to our workplace to put it to sleep.  I don’t really understand why they didn’t just surrender it to an animal shelter.  The vet was a little reluctant to put a healthy animal down so they said that they would take it and try to rehome it.  The owners were very grateful. 

It was a really sweet cat so yesterday was spent calling around animal shelters but nobody was willing to take it.  And I think the plan was to put her to sleep today but then when I came to work, I was like “NOO!!!!!!”.  And so now she is living with me.


Can you spot the cat?

I may have blackmailed Boy Roomie into letting us have the cat by sending him a picture of the cat and basically saying “They are putting the cat down this afternoon unless I can take him”.  So we have little Millie on a trial.  She already has everyone wrapped around her little finger and it’s not even been one full day yet.  The big test is whether Millie will get on with Nilly, the dog.  I’m not sure what will happen but at the moment, we are taking it slowly and making sure that Millie feels safe and comfortable.

I have already taken about a billion photos of her and can’t wait to go to the shops tomorrow and buy lots of fun stuff for her.  So I apologise if future blog posts are cat picture heavy.  I am obsessed.



Katie said...

Camouflage cat! I insist that your upcoming blog posts are cat-heavy - no apologies needed!

Jenna (SewSavoirFaire) said...

Um...please don't overload us with cat photos...(did you laugh just then?) Yaaaaay cats!! Bring em' on! I hope things go okay with Nilly and Millie. I'm sure it won't in the beginning...heck it took at least 2 weeks for my cats to get used to another cat. BUT my cats are jerks. I cannot wait to see what you buy her! If you're able to keep her...I'll have to send cat items in my next package. Give her a scratch on the chin for me!

It's Me, Tamara! said...

Oh, she's just beautiful! I look forward to more cat photos.

Abigail said...

YAY CAT!!! How exciting! She's lovely! Did you name her Millie to rhyme with Nilly or was that coincidence? If coincidence, I would call it a sign from God that this was meant to be. I'm so glad you took her!!!

Suzy Marie said...

How exciting that you came home from work with a cat! I'd love to just randomly acquire a cat one day haha. My boyfriend's cat is exactly the same as Millie, in fact, that could easily be Indie sat on that chair. It's so difficult to get good photos of black cats because you just end up seeing eyes haha. So cute though! I hope she ends up being permanent so we can see more photos of her :)

chrissy said...

first... i hope horrible things happen to the irresponsible owners who wanted to put her to sleep {like a constant itch in an uncomfortable place or something}.

second... she's beautiful! i know that you will do your best to ensure she has a very good life. you are awesome!


Janice said...

Aww this black kitty reminds me of my cat, Figgy! This kitty looks a little poofier than mine, but Figgy blends in all pictures too. Cute1