Monday, 6 February 2012

Whooo are you?? Who, who, who who???

And so goes the theme song to CSI.  I admittedly don’t watch it anymore and I only really ever liked the original one (Las Vegas PD forever!!) but CSI was such a huge part of my life in high school.  Completely obsessed.  So when I heard that there was a CSI exhibition in my home town, I was all about getting there.  Ok, so despite my eagerness it took me three months but I finally made it.  And dragged my mother along.


It was so great!  Admittedly, it was probably for younger children (low teens and over) but we had a ton of fun.  We got to view a fake crime scene with a dummy, take notes, look at bugs under microscopes, do DNA analysis, compare tyre tracks, watch an autopsy on a dummy.  And we had to present our case to Gil Grissom himself.  I was genuinely scared I would get it wrong and Grissom would be disappointed in me :)

But never fear, me and my trusty companion saved the day and brought the right perp in for questioning.  And we got a certificate to prove it signed by Grissom!


It took us about an hour and I got to wear a lab coat throughout the whole thing so I felt super official.  They took some great photos of me and my mum as we worked on solving the case.  There was a fab one of us hard at work in Grissom’s office, it genuinely looked like we knew what we were doing.  Shame we couldn’t take our own photos as their photos were so expensive.  But then we ended up buying up big in the gift shop anyway!


My mum was chuffed with her cop notebook and I love my CSI thermos cup.  I want to use it as work and it’ll make me feel super official when I have to do lab tests!


And this is me with a crime scene outside the building.


And this is my mum not being sure how the camera works.



Jenna (SewSavoirFaire) said...

Ahhh! I did the exhibit too!! When Mark and I went to Tampa, FL for a mini-vacation they have this science museum and this was the featured exhibit. I had so much fun. Mark and I did two different scenes to see who finished first. I did...duh. With the help of Nicky and Greg of course :p So glad you and your mom got to go. Welcome to the official CSI club :)

Abigail said...

That looks like so much fun!!!

Emily w/Amazing Grapes said...

You know, I think I'd have fun doing this. Getting the chance to present your case and solve the crime!?! How cool is that!

I actually have never watched the show, but still think that's awesome you had the chance to check it out and play CSI for awhile. :)
Emily at Amazing Grapes