Thursday, 2 February 2012

The things I’m up to on the Internet

First up, is Comment Love!  Sarah and some other bloggers have organised a great way to get your blog out there and get some comments in the process.  We all love receiving comments on our blogs and this scheme asks you to comment on three blogs every day until Feb 14th.  And there’s the chance to win prizes :) And there’s still time to get involved!

Next project I’m doing is the “photo a day during February” challenge


Due to the hashtaggery business going on, I assume it’s a twitter thing but I’m bringing it to the blogosphere.  And hopefully it means I will be able to start getting into the habit of using the camera on my phone.

Day One: My view today


This is the view from the laundry door.  Tessa is furiously wagging her tail, wondering when she should start barking.  She usually waits 0.35 seconds before barking like a maniac- she’s offended that she’s being ignored.  Honey, give me some time to actually get out of the door and reach you before you start barking.  Then Katie’s hobbling over for some cuddles.  She is a cuddle ho.  She is about a million years old but will barge everyone and everything out of the way if she thinks there are some pats to be had.  Then there’s little Nilly who doesn’t care about anything if there is food to be had.  In the photo, she is licking an empty food bowl… just in case there are some crumbs.  I love that this photo sums everyone up perfectly.

Day Two: Words (because I’m in Australia and we’re in the future)


These were the words I read today from Matthew.  And it fits in nicely with the word I have chosen for this year: Light.  Good words to live by. 


Blaire said...

Good luck on this challenge... I might try it myself. I want to take more photos of my life.

Abigail said...

This is an awesome challenge! Love your view and your words. Maybe I'll do something similar next month... I was going to try to do a 365 day photo project this year, but it proved too much. But a month might be manageable!

Remy said...

I am so getting in on the photo challenge!

Monthly with themes is fun, I'm also doing 366 right now but I'm a month behind. LOL

I've saved the themes!

Kaysie said...

Oh girl, don't worry.
I'm a total car singer too, I perfected harmonizing this way. And whistling, I'm a very good whistler. Maybe if I can acquire various other musical talents then having a terrible voice will be negated?

I'll let you know ;)

Janice said...

I'm doing the same two challenges - Love Comment and "Photo a Day". I think it's fun to see the world from other people's perspectives. It's like stepping into someone's life :)
Love your blog design!
I'm adding you to my blogroll - looking forward to virtually keeping in touch!