Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Day Seven

Day seven is “button”.  I spent quite some time trying to think of a creative variation on this prompt but I ended up going with my first thought.


Completely uninspired but I went with the button that turns on my laptop.  I absolutely love blogging and the internet and all the wonderful people that I get to meet and interact with on here.  I hate trying to explain to “normal” people what blogging is and what I get out of it.  They just don’t understand!!

And then I found this photo of me and my friend Kristy on the Mummy Returns ride at Universal Studios in 2008 (I think).  This photo looks completely staged but it’s totally not.  Kristy and I had literally just looked at each other going “How lame is this ride?!”, when suddenly the cart just shot off into space with zero warning, hence our hilarious expressions.  Anyway, the picture still makes me laugh as hard as it did the day it got taken.



Remy said...

The guy and girl behind you and in front are even quite hilarious too!! I love those kinds of photos!

Very creative 'button' choice! I'll have mine up later today, whenever my phone decides to send it to my email. -_-

Abigail said...

LOVE your face!!!! I have one from a ride called "Dinosaur" that also looks staged, but it's not.

Janice said...

Great button choice! The laptop button is like the key to the virtual world - cant live without it!

Suzy Marie said...

Haha that photo is absolutely hilarious! Even more so because you'd just said how lame you thought it was. Ahh too funny!

Katie said...

That photos is fantastic! Your expressions are just priceless.