Thursday, 9 February 2012

Day Nine

Day Nine is “front door”.  I love our front door.  Actually, I love the whole house.  It’s an older style house and has all these beautiful touches to it to remind you that it’s fancy and old.  Like for example, the doorbell is in the centre of the door and you turn it to ring the bell.  

I love the picture I took.  Everything came together really beautifully.  It makes my life look super cute.


Plus Nilly is without a doubt, the hardest thing in the world to take a photo of because she never sits still but she is perfect in this one. 

Just to the left of the door, can you see the stained glass window?  Here’s a better shot of it.


It reminds me of ‘Beauty & The Beast’.  Also nerd fact: sometimes when there’s only two people in the house, we’ll take the opportunity to have a ‘Beauty & The Beast’ dinner where we sit at opposite ends of the dining table and light fancy candles in the middle of the table.  And sometimes, someone (aka Boy Roomie) will drain liquid from a bowl by raising it to his lips.  Then that really *is* a ‘Beauty & The Beast’ dinner.  No singing cutlery though.


Jenna (SewSavoirFaire) said...

Ooooh I love this!! I love's true. When I visited Ireland way back when I came home with so many photos of doors! In retrospect sharing the photos was a little awkward because of it. :p
That stained glass is so pretty...and Nilly looks like she's protecting her castle. Tough little muffin she is!

Abigail said...

Uhmmm we're the same person. I saw the stained glass window before I got to the text under it and I thought, "I have to tell Laura how much that looks like Beauty and the Beast! She lives in a fairy tale!" And then you said it :). Well done, you.

Also, front door picture is adorable. It's a puppy! Yes it is! Puppy puppy puppy! ... obviously I lost my mind a little because animals do that to me.

Remy said...

That is super cute! I love it! I also thought "Beauty & The Beast" when I first saw the window too. AHHH! Hoooray for Disney kids!

Blaire said...

I like your photo... I skipped today because I couldn't think of a good post around the front door and I don't really want to force a post.But I like yours and your dog looks cute.

Janice said...

What a cute front door, and looks like you have a fun furry friend who awaits for your return! I have quite a boring front door so I decided to take a different angle for today's picture. But visuals aside, I love coming home to my apartment because I know that my little black kitty is going to greet me at the door. And nothing makes me happier than seeing my Figgy get excited at my arrival :)

Katie said...

Nilly really is the perfect accessory for any home.

chrissy said...

i am in love with that beautiful paint colour on the stairs. so cheery.