Sunday, 5 February 2012

Day Five: 10am

Um… I completely forgot to look and see what the prompt was for Day 5 until about 12:30 pm… completely missing the 10am mark!


So I took a screencap of the passage we were going through in church, which was what I was doing at 10am this morning.  A bit of a boring picture, sorry guys!  I guess this is why I should at least look at the prompt before the day of!

In other news, I went to see The Muppets today with my friend Kristy.  We borrowed her cousin so that we could have a child with us whilst seeing the movie.  Unfortunately we have been borrowing her cousin for years so we have an “excuse” to see kids movies but now her cousin is starting to get a bit old for this ruse!


It was such a sweet movie and I laughed and smiled the whole way through.  I totally recommend it.  However it did dredge up a few feelings from the past as I remembered why I couldn’t watch a lot of The Muppets stuff when I was younger.

I find their stuff quite frustrating- that’s a negative word and I don’t really mean that word, I just can’t think of the correct word to explain the feeling I get.  Like I vaguely remember a sketch where one muppet was looking for another, say Gonzo was looking for Rizzo.  Gonzo would come onstage and be all like “hey have you seen Rizzo?” and someone would say “Nope, haven’t seen him”, so Gonzo would go offstage and Rizzo would immediately come onstage and say “I’m looking for Gonzo, have you seen him” and someone would say “yeah, he was just here, he was looking for you”.  So Rizzo would go offstage, looking for Gonzo and then of course Gonzo would come back onstage.  This would go on for a few more times and as a kid I could NOT stand this, I would just have this frustrated, anxious feeling in my stomach and I would have to turn the TV off.  I can handle that feeling a bit better as an adult but I ended up fidgeting in my seat a little at the final culmination of the movie as their plan to save the theatre hinged on one single thing and I got that same anxious feeling in my stomach.  Weird, right?!  I can handle it in any other movie but when it’s Muppets, I get all fidgety and anxious.

Anyway, I keep forgetting.  I want instagram friends!!!  My handle is Skaramouche.  I look forward to seeing your daily photos.

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Blaire said...

I missed 10 AM too.But I like the scripture reading. That is a good idea. I was running around helping things with my church... now I wish I had a picture of my lanyard I wore to post.

I saw the Muppets early in December... I am glad it is still playing it was fun.