Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Day 19: Herringbone/Fishtail Braid

I love this style of braiding! It looks super professional but is so, so easy to do.

And if you look somewhat carefully, you can see that I missed a giant chunk of hair into the braid. I am pretending that I am eccentric and whimsical :)

Second day back at school was so much better than the first day. Even though it was still information overload, it wasn't as daunting as yesterday. Today was tough because it was really cold and the teacher turned on the heater, which I sit directly under so it was basically like he wanted me to fall asleep in class. Then he was talking about how we all looked like we were falling asleep, he was like "I could do anything and you wouldn't notice" and then he waved our exam paper for next week under my nose AND I MISSED SEEING ANYTHING ON IT!!!!! Haha!!!

And I forgot to say, last week I got to help with my first pregnancy ultrasound! The mama looked like this, an absolutely gorgeous liver and white Border Collie. She had been mated but in my 'expert opinion', it didn't sound as if she was pregnant. Good thing I'm not the boss because mama had seven little pups inside!! I so hope I get to see more of her and that we get to follow her journey. I WANT TO SEE PUPPIES!!!!!!


Abigail said...

That's an awesome braid! I'm so bad at doing my hair... maybe I should learn this braid. Then I could look like I knew what I was doing and just do it everyday :).

Hannah said...

you are soo good at doing your hair! dang i am so jealous :) the best i can do is a pony tail...go me! oh my gosh puppppies :) ah so cute!