Sunday, 31 July 2011

Look who's been busy!

I've had a semi busy past couple of days.

Thursday- lunch with the family. My cousins who I very rarely see as they have jobs overseas were back in the country. We ate so much food! Both guys have huge appetites and ordered practically everything on the menu. I had to have a nap when we got home in order to try and digest all that food but when I woke up, I felt like I had a hangover. A food hangover, I guess.

Friday- worked at the vet specialist.

Saturday- struggled to finish my stupid assignment. It wouldn't send as an attachment and I was freaking out. But it was just my computer being lame on me. I really need to get a new one. Thank goodness I managed to sort it all out eventually and send it off. Then mum and I went to see Captain America. SO good! She didn't want to see it but I think she enjoyed it even more than me! She's such a closet sci-fi fan!! Really fun movie, just the right amount of cheese and action. And then right at the end of the movie after the credits, they had a trailer for the second Avengers movie. I can't wait! Shame it's coming out next year.

Sunday- went back to home after staying at mum's. Had just settled in for a quiet afternoon read when my roomies arrived home and were about to head straight out again to KMart. At the last second I decided to go with them and then we proceeded to buy up the entire store! But we brought some fun stuff for my room.

This is how we get stuff done. Girl roomie was deciphering how everything went and boy roomie followed the instructions. I supervised with my glass of wine :)

And this is the finished product!
I love it so much!! And then I also brought a photo/painting for my room as well, which they hung for me too.
I love it so much! It's New York (obviously) and has posters for both 'Phantom' AND 'Wicked'! I seriously had the best time when I went there, I'm scared to go back because I don't know if it will live up to my memories of it.

Hope you all had a brilliant weekend!


Katie said...

I love those things you stick to walls! They always look like so much fun and I'm constantly tempted to get one myself. At this stage, I expect it wouldn't last long before the kitten decided to pull it down, but it would be nice while it lasted.

You seem to have fitten a lot of things into one weekend. Nice work!

Abigail said...

Love the owl tree! And you should go back to New York! I love it there, but only to visit. I could never live there, I don't think. But it's always so exciting-- in March I went up for the weekend to see "Arcadia" with my friend Kiki (who lives in Brooklyn) and we saw Alec Baldwin and Tina Fey filming an episode of "30 Rock." It was amazing. Also, yay "Phantom" and "Wicked"!!!

Danielle said...

I'm jealous you've seen Captain America! I'm yet to see it and I reeeeally want to.

Your wall decal is AMAZING. And how cool that you have roommates who can turn into interior designers at will.

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

The walls look AMAZING! Love love love New York City, and anything related to it. **did you know that I actually named my Hudson after the Hudson River that flows through the big city? ;)