Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Day 26: Getting My French Braid On!

I feel like this hairstyle would have been cute on an 8 year old version of me. Shame I am more than triple that age!!! Never mind. I was so excited that I actually *did* this. This was my second ever attempt at french braiding and it looks pretty darn good!

In my awesomeness, I missed a teeny bit of hair (not that you can notice in the pictures) so I curled it and pretended it was all part of the plan. This challenge, if nothing else, has taught me to embrace my mistakes!

Also, please take note of my CENTRE parting. I spent a lot of time making sure that my parting was in the centre, got it there, but somehow whilst doing the braiding, my parting moved a couple of inches to the left!! Sorry for the flash-arama photo!

In the real world, I am feeling SO much better!! Not sure if it's because the sun is shining and I can feel winter losing its grip or because I went to the doctor and got some magic pills and great tools to deal with stress and anxiety or because I'm spending more time with God or maybe it's because my hairstyle's youthful optimism is rubbing off on me. Lots of options... I think it's a combination of them all.

And as promised Abigail... here are my Night's Watch boots! I lovingly stole them from my mother when I went to Canada. I didn't think she would need wool lined boots whilst in Australia. Although I am getting tons of use out of them now I'm back in Australia!!

And here is their more attractive cousin on TV :) Also, please note Professor Snape in the background... I feel like it all makes sense, maybe he spends the summer holidays at The Wall? He would totes fit in, wearing black and all!


subflava said...

You look gorgeous

Katie said...

Oh, fantastic! I used to wear exactly that hairstyle in secondary school, too. Love it.

Abigail said...

Hahahaha I love Prof Snape in the background. And your hair is wonderful! It looks rather "Anne of Green Gables"ish. :)

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

okay. I am seriously so jealous of your skills...french braids!? YOU ROCK. I can barely regular braid. HA! LOOKS SO good on matter your age. ;)

ladykate63 said...

So glad you're feeling better, and those braids look amazing. :)

How's your ASOIAF reading? And LOL @ Prof. Snape in the background. Obviously he gets around!

Kristy said...

HOW on Earth did you spot Professor Snape in that picture? You are seriously observant girl!

P.s I'm so jealous of your beautiful long hair.

A Lost Feather said...

Pretty braids! I love French braiding my and my sister's hair :) I wish she could do it to me! Those boots are awesomeee

Emily said...

Ironic I have my hair in pigtails right now and I'm waaay past that age of cuteness. haha. I attempt the braids but I am horrible at them. But I definitely think they add a little youthfulness to me when I do them. An extra pep in my step, if you will. :)

Thank you for such a sweet comment today!! :)