Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Day 22: Hair Clip Time :)

This is how I intended to do my hair. I did it, took a photo and then toddled off to make breakfast and by the time I reached the kitchen, my hair had tumbled out of the hair clip!

So I redid it and on a side note, this is the face back of a head of someone who passed their Pathology test. HUZZAH!!! (Sorry boy roomie... I know you hate that phrase!)

Thanks to everyone for all their lovely support re: my freakout over EVERYTHING in the world. Sometimes I get quite emo. I apologise and I promise to bring rainbows and puppies to the next few blog posts.

And thanks for the hair suggestions... I look forward to trying them out. Katie, I'm planning a twist on an old schoolyard classic and Sarah, you said that hair tutorial was easy! Dude, that looks hard, I'm not too good at french braiding but I shall give it a go!

My teacher told us a terrible dad joke which made me giggle so much I made *him* laugh! And we'll leave it on that note.

Why are pirates so angry?
Because they ARRRGGGGGGHH!!!


Katie said...

That always happens to me with hair clips as well. They start off so well... right up until I move and then they turn to blah.

Huzzah for passing your test!

Abigail said...

Yay for passing the test! Congrats!!!

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

Oooh... I think the twisty hairdo looks great...even it is falling. ;)

CONGRATS for passing your test! You ROCK!! Now I think you should CELEBRATE!! ;)

Gentri said...

haha! Funny joke. :) And CONGRATULATIONS!!