Monday, 18 July 2011

Day 21: Inside Out Ponytail

Now in *my* day, this was a very cool primary school hairstyle. I haven't seen anyone wear this probably SINCE my primary school days but it looks so pretty and is such a great twist on a regular ponytail if you want to jazz it up a bit.
Also in my day, I swear this hairstyle used to be called something else, it was like French... something. Can anyone remember? In this picture I am wearing my 'Robin Hood' outfit. And I am doing this weird awkward pose to make sure all my head fits into the frame. Sort of the Hunchback of Notre Dame meets the Merry Men.

Does anyone have any hairstyles that they think I should try before this challenge is over? We've got two more weeks to go.

It's my big fat Pathology test tomorrow. Ugh. I actually have a headache (I think it's stress induced) and my body keeps going into panic attack mode. I don't know why my body likes to do this to me, I'm honestly not that stressed about the test (even though I probably should be!). I'm making an executive decision and am heading to bed with a good book. I figure I'll get up early tomorrow and read over my study notes.


Katie said...

I remember those! There was an ad on TV that advertised the little loopy device you used to do one of those ponytails and everything.

I don't have any specific ideas for hairstyles, but I guess I'd challenge you to do an updated version of another style you wore a lot in either primary or secondary school. That would be intriguing to see. :)

Danielle said...

I remember calling it a topsy tail! And you're right -- it IS a fun twist on the pony tail.

Gentri said...

I've seen them before too. BUt I don't know the proper name... Very cute though!

A Lost Feather said...

i remember calling it a topsy tail, too :)

i just saw this hair tutorial by one of my faaaaaaaaavorite fashion bloggers... i've been wearing my hair like this for the past few days! although, mine ends in a bun bc it's too short.. boo.. it's pretty easy though: