Saturday, 30 July 2011

In which I am possibly the worst vet nurse ever

Seriously, lock up your pets!! Haha, ok well I didn't kill anything so maybe not the worst vet nurse ever but probably top ten at least.

I went and worked at a vet specialist centre on Friday. Way more jam packed than my night in the Vet ER clinic. Which is why it was worse that I was terrible because we were busy!

Number 1) My first task I was given was to take this dog's temperature. I couldn't find the uh, entrance that the thermometer goes into. Well, I stuck it in somewhere and got a very low reading, which means I must have just pushed it into a clump of hair and thought I was in. Oh dear, failing Vet Nursing 101!!!

Number 2) After that failure, I was told to take the heart rate... and I couldn't find the heart with my stethoscope. I maintain the dog was a zombie but I think I was in the minority.

Number 3) I was told to take a blind dog for a walk. This dog was awesome and super agile so you wouldn't even know that it was blind. It used its nose to figure out where it was going on the way outside, walking ably by my side and I kind of forgot that it was blind... and I wasn't keeping an eye on it properly and I turned the corner and he walked it smack into a wall! We weren't walking too fast so he didn't hurt himself and he must have sensed that I was turning because he'd started turning himself. But that does not excuse the fact that I let a poor blind dog walk into a wall. I apologised profusely and he wagged his tail and licked my cheek (like we were in a movie and he totally understood what I said), so I think my apology was accepted.

Number 4) I had my first 'I'm gonna faint' moment. First in my life actually. We were kind of doing a gross thing (draining a chest) but I don't think that's what got me, as I've seen worse. It was really hot and stuffy in the teeny tiny room and there were way too many people in there. I was going to try and push through it but then I got *really* light headed and wanted to vomit and collapse all at the same time. So I just blurted out "I'm not feeling well" and ran to the bathroom. It took me AGES to get over it too, I couldn't stop shaking. They sent me outside to get some air and as luck would have it, it was our first warm day after winter so that didn't really help at all! Everyone was really sweet about it afterwards and helping me not to feel bad about it... but I still felt bad about it. And they fed me chocolate to make me feel better... I might start faking it if I get chocolate afterwards! And then I went and watched icky eye surgery and felt fine :)

And now I'm dragging my mum to Captain America. I'm so excited about this movie. I know absolutely nothing about the superhero but the movie visually looks fun and the ads make it sound cheesy. I can't wait. I love my mum for being willing enoughto be dragged along to the movies!


A Lost Feather said...

Well I can't even stand the sight of needles or blood so I give you so much credit- definitely not the worst vet nurse ever! I'm sure you'll get he hang of it soon. I'm hoping to go see captain America soon!

Abigail said...

I get light-headed quite frequently (like, whenever I go to the doctor or get a shot or see blood, pretty much), so I feel your pain!!! Chocolate aside, it's definitely not a fun feeling.

I did get a haircut! Busy weekend with two weddings in two days, so haven't had much time, but I'll get a picture up as soon as I next blog!!!