Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Day 25: Side Ponytail Combo

I swear it seems like I'm starting my posts the same way recently! I again would like to thank Cute Girls Hairstyles for their inspiration for this post.

This really is a super cute look. I did fumble it up a bit and to make matters worse, I took the worst photos in the world to document it all :)

I think in the photo on the left I had my hand half covering the flash... and the one on the right was so awful that even in black and white it still looks bad!

It's really starting to get close to the end of my hair challenge, which means SHORT HAIR IS LOOMING!!!! I'm trying to look into other options for my hair as I've heard some things about Locks of Love who I was originally going to donate my hair too. They do perform a great service but I've just heard a few things about their ethics. I have found a little Australian charity that does the same thing but they want REALLY long hair, I'd probably have to shave my entire head! Oh well, it's not like I have to cut my hair off right this very second. I did say September originally, maybe my hair will be long enough then. OR I could chop it all off to celebrate finishing my vet nurse course. Um... and now I will stop thinking aloud :)

Abigail- I'll do a little post on my Night's Watch boots. I want to find a screencap of the boots on the show... but they really don't show a lot of shots of their feet. Seriously, I get that acting is all about facial expressions but would it kill the camera to pan to their feet once in a while?! I'll go through the episodes on my computer and try and get a good picture.


Katie said...

I like the side plait! And I kind of like the interesting effect in the first photo of it.

How short will your hair go?

subflava said...

I love your hair and your photos, so please keep it long.
10 days ago I've discovered your blog lookig for Game of Thrones's braid tutorials and I like very much your posts.

Now, there're other options like cold hats or something like that and people don't loose the their hair.


Abigail said...

Hooray for boots! I am getting a haircut on Thursday... not sure how much to chop off...