Thursday, 7 July 2011

I'm baaaack!!!

I actually got back on Tuesday night but it's taken me until Thursday morning before I hit up blogger. And now I am daunted! I have a week and a bit of blogs to catch up on. But I'm going to do it!!! But first... I should probably see to my own blog.

I am exhausted. A week in New Zealand doing nothing is very tiring. When I go to NZ, it's never really a vacation, it's more like visiting relatives which is tough work. You've got to be on your game 24/7. Luckily those relatives were my dad and my grandparents so it wasn't too bad but still, it's nice to be home. And I ended up getting dragged on a picnic but they weren't as terrible as the ones I remembered from my childhood!!

I also return home, a broken hearted girl. My dog, Joey, now lives with my grandparents in NZ, which cuts a very long story short. It's been probably 3+ years since I've seen her and I was so excited. Joey on the other hand- not so much. She was pleased to see me and she remembered me and exclusively brought me her toys to play long games of 'fetch'... but her heart now belongs to my grandma. I may have shed a tear when Joey acted more excited about seeing my dad (who she'd seen that morning) than me when we first arrived. And then I pretended I was crying over seeing my Gran. I'm not proud of that fact.

Because I have a stupid camera I only took about four photos. And I completely forgot to take a photo of my friend and I when we met up in Auckland for the day :( But we had fun chatting and catching up.

I now have to blog my project 52 post. Hope you all had a good week, let me know if I missed anything exciting. Off to work this afternoon and not looking foward to it at all, I'm worried I will have forgotten everything!!


Abigail said...

:( so sad about the dog

But at least you seem to have had fun visiting home!!!

Katie said...

Welcome back!