Monday, 1 August 2011

Day 27: Vive La French (Braid) Revolution!

I'm continually impressed with my French braiding skills! I've tried this style before in the past but it took me so long and it never looked very good. Since starting this hair challenge, I've gotten so much better at doing my own hair. This braid took me about five minutes, where it used to take me 15 minutes and I'd have to redo it about three times. I showed my mum my blog on the weekend, just the hair pictures and she was a little sad because she was like "I never was any good at doing your hair when you were little". But we decided that ultimately it was a good thing because it meant that I had to learn how to do my own hair. Lol, it only took until I was 25 before I learned how to do nice things to my hair! It really is just practice.

I was going to do some fancy things with my hair but I ran out of time. August 1st, I promised myself that I would get back into running. It's probably been about three months since I last went for a jog and ooh, it was hard getting out of bed this morning. Because the last time I went running, the weather was warm, I only had my running shorts with me and I felt so silly wearing them this morning as I ran through fields with mist on them. And by 'silly', I mean 'freezing'. When I got home, I could hardly use my hands to get the key into the lock to open the door as they were so cold!

And so because I went running (and by 'running', I mean 'shuffling along the street'), I had much less time to do my hair, plus I had to wash it, so I just went with a good old French braid. I can't believe I haven't done that before!! And I only have THREE more days of my hair posts. I have to make them good. I sort of know what I'm going to do for them, but I'm going to actually practice them to make them perfect :)

I have a day off from school tomorrow and I have so much organisation to do. My desk is an absolute mess, I have paper everywhere and I have been getting tension headaches probably twice a week since I've been back at school since the holidays. I need to get my life into order!!!!! Fingers crossed, I actually do that instead of sitting on facebook all day. Also, girl roomie was home sick today... and I don't think she will be well enough to go to work tomorrow either. We are terrible TV junkies together so I hope she doesn't lead me astray!

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Katie said...

I have great admiration for your persistence in dragging yourself out of bed and off for a run. How do you do it? In one way, I must be good because you get your exercise out of the way first thing, but I just can't bring myself to try it. It's the crosstrainer after work for me.

The french braid looks great!