Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Blu Ray Tuesday #1

I think Tuesdays are going to be movie review day, I'll let you in on what we watched, so you can feel like you are part of the gang in the coolest house :) We are like 'Friends', except there are three people living together and our other counterparts live so far away instead of across the hall.

The movie:

The menu: various McDonald's meals... plus McFlurries (my stomach is aching in protest... too much fat in one meal!)

I've spoken previously about boy roomie's inability to pick a decent movie and his subsequent ban from being allowed to pick movies by himself. I now join this illustrious group. All of us go to the movies quite a bit and all like different genres so it's hard to pick one that we all haven't seen and would like to. I tried to think outside the box... and failed.

The basic plot was this down and out guy randomly starts talking to another guy (Cuba Gooding Jr) in a bar. Cuba reveals that he's a hitman and Other Guy is all like "haha, whatever". Cuba offers to prove it to him and so Other Guy writes a hit list for Cuba to follow- as a joke. As the people on the list start to die, Other Guy realises that Cuba is actually a hitman and must stop him before he kills #1 on the hit list, Other Guy's wife. The police led by the Most Ineffective Detective Ever start to think that it's Other Guy going round killing everyone.

Girl roomie and I made up a WAY better storyline where Cuba is actually the crazy alter-ego of Other Guy. It was quite plausible until half way through the movie when people started interacting with Cuba.

It wasn't the worst movie but unfortunately it wasn't 'so bad, it's good' which is what I thought it would be.

Recommend? No.


Katie said...

It's always good to know which movies to avoid. Thanks for the heads up! Better luck next Tuesday...

Emily said...

I have NEVER heard of this movie...and it sounds like there's a really good reason why. haha

Thank you for the movie review. I love to know which ones to avoid. ;)

Emily w/Amazing Grapes

Abigail said...

If you want a "so bad, it's good" movie, go for Troll 2. It's. That. Bad. So is... I think it was called "Sleepwalkers", based on a Stephen King thing. Terrible. But so good to make fun of, which is all that's really necessary.

And I can't WAIT to start watching GoT tv show. SO EXCITED. Just gotta figure out when... and Sherlock Holmes, of course. So much to watch!

Ashley Sloan from Sloanbook said...

Is it weird that I've never heard of that movie? Ha I want to see Contagian...seen the previews? Looks sweet if you ask me! Thanks for following my blog! Glad we are blogger friends! :)


Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

So, I'll keep this one off the netflix list. ;)

I am just not a huge fan of Cuba. :( I try to be...but I'm just not. & I think it's because he has a large forehead wrinkle that I can't take my eyes off of. Is that weird?