Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Project 52: eleven

I don't have a picture for this one but instead I'll try and create a picture with words.

We have a tradition in my house. Tuesdays are not called Tuesdays in my house. They are called Blu Ray Tuesdays.

We live near a small shopping complex which has a video/DVD/whatever store and a pizza store. Both have something going called "Cheap Tuesdays". This is amazing, $1 movies and cheap pizzas. It means we watch a movie and eat pizza every Tuesday. This is the kind of life you dream about when you're eight years old. And sometimes... we'll watch TWO movies! I know, the scandals that go down in this house! It's like an episode of a reality show on MTV with all this drama and edginess running around.

I love these times with my roomies. We all have differing taste in movies but we can usually find one or two DVDs that will keep us all happy. And if not happy, then we can at least jeer together at the characters onscreen.


Katie said...

What an utterly fantastic way to spend Tuesdays! I hope it's a tradition that lasts a very long time (or at least as long as you can get cheap pizzas and movies).

Abigail said...

My friends and I used to do a thing called "Twilight Zone Tuesdays" because our pizza place had a cheap Tuesday deal, too. We would order tons of cheap pizza, then watch about two hours worth of classic Twilight Zone episodes. It was the best.