Friday, 26 August 2011

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My brain has left the building! I am frantically trying to finish this ginormous assignment on 'advice for specific animal care' (vaccinating a chicken, anyone??) and I have discovered if I work on one animal a night, I will be able to hand it in on time.

Unfortunately I procrastinate so it's taken me about four hours of half hearted writing what could have realistically taken me about an hour if I'd just sat down and written it all out. But I have read a million blogs and I'm all caught up. I have drunk an entire bottle of energy drink which I absolutely only ever do in emergencies (which this is) and so I am absolutely pumped full of caffeine. I am dancing in my chair to my Glee soundtrack and before that I had a little dance party in my bedroom to Usher's "Yeah". I don't think it's possible for me to listen to that song and *not* dance. And besides I have to burn off all that excess caffeine before I go to bed.

Work went really well this week (although I am doing a few hours tomorrow so who knows?!). My poor workmate Jess was sick, like really sick, so she's been away so we didn't get to have a crazy giggle fest like normal. BUT I was proud of my performance this week, I did good stuff. And with Jess being away, I had to do everything myself which was scary but I managed to get it all done. And I got to deal with my very first live chicken. We were examining its eye and I had to support her neck while she was in the oxygen mask under anaesthetic. Chickens' necks are so tiny and scrawny, I was petrified that I would accidentally wring its neck! The chicken is still alive so it's all good. I then had to help with its recovery from the anaesthetic, which was interesting. Like, I know that cats like to be tickled under the chin and dogs like to be scratched behind the ears but chickens..? I just stroked her back and hoped that that was a comforting way to wake up. I then had to hold her for an injection and she kept lifting her tail like she was going to shoot poop all over me, but she was a good girl and didn't do that! Good chicken! Maybe I am secretly a chicken whisperer??

And I have a super exciting Saturday planned. Bookstore visiting and movie watching with a new(ish) friend. Can't wait!

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Abigail said...

Love spontaneous dance parties in bedrooms! Especially while procrastinating on hw! They are the best.

Also, I hope you really are a chicken whisperer. That would be amazing ;).