Sunday, 7 August 2011

Project 52: nine

I'm pretty sure that the first clue you're a sociopath is when you torture small animals.

Nilly actually didn't mind it at first. Plus it was too much fun peering out into the garden, unsure where she was because of her size... and then you spot the bright yellow balloon :)

But then half an hour later, she came into my room and did this, so the balloon was removed.

It was a fun way to spend half an hour on a Sunday morning. Nilly's still my friend (she's cuddled up on the sofa next to me) so all's well that ends well. Yes, quoting Shakespeare is a great way to end a blog post!


Danielle said...

You are obviously TOTALLY a sociopath ;).

Speaking of sociopaths reminds me of this fascinating (and possibly a little bit creepy) podcast:

If you don't already listen to This American Life, you totally should. It's a favourite.

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

HAHAH! I think this is really cute....what a sweet (and cooperative) little pup! Awwww! :)

Hope you had a very happy weekend! xo