Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Day 28: In Which I Invent A New Hairstyle

As stated yesterday, I probably didn't invent this hairstyle and I'm sure one of you will know the actual name of it but I get to say I invented it because I came up with it yesterday by playing around with my hair. I feel like it needs a name of my own making but my brain is obviously tired from inventing hairstyles and can't come up with a name. Any takers?

I actually took another photo of it tonight so you could see that there are no visible bobby pins or hair ties in the hairstyle.
So here we go, my very first hair tutorial!

Step One- Pull your hair into a ponytail, can be high or low (first picture is of a higher ponytail) and then twist it into a bun and secure it with a hair tie.

Step Two- Kind of mash your hair in the bun to flatten it a little and try and pull it away from your head so it's not so tight.

Step Three- This is where the magic happens, you just roll your bun under and up. Ok, wow, I am NOT explaining this well- I guess this is why people post video tutorials. It might take a couple of goes before there is enough 'give' to be able to roll your bun underneath the loose hair. And then the bun is twisted and stuck, hidden underneath the rest of your hair and you have a seemingly fancy hairdo that takes all of two seconds!

Wow, I re-read all that and it was an embarrassing ramble. Let's see what the internet has to offer. Ok, well apparently someone else invented this look in middle school... whatever! But they have put much better instructions PLUS a video AND they don't use any hairties so I will totally give them some props and you can go here to read a much more conducive tutorial if you wanna try this look out for yourself :)

And in other news, look what arrived in the mail yesterday but I got to try it out today!
My headband from Jen!! Jen is going on a trip to Ethiopia to help victims of sex trafficking (she's super pretty AND saving the world- awesome combo!!) and she's doing a little fundraising to help get her there. The headbands come in different colours and it took me a while to choose which one I wanted :) I can vouch that they are really cute and you can go here to read more about Jen and her trip AND most importantly how to order a headband.


ladykate63 said...

I don't know what that hairstyle is called, but it's cool and it looks good on you! :-)

Oh, and how's your ASOIAF reading?

Jennifer said...

Awesome! Thanks girl! It looks super cute on you!

Katie said...

That looks kind of incredible! Does it stay up for the entire day?

Emily said...

I say you should still say you invented it..even if someone else did it while in middle school. haha It looks really cute!

You're so great for helping Jen out! :)

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

I am going to take advantage of this tutorial, for sure! LOOKS lovely!!

Danielle said...

Wow, it's awesome!! You'll be able to write a hairstyle book after this project :)