Tuesday, 2 August 2011

My Study Day

My study day went awfully!! I did about zero per cent of study. BUT I did get to put my nursing skills into action. Here in Australia we have a delightful creature called the cane toad. Ugh, just googling them makes me go ew!

They look gross and they also secrete a harmful toxin on their skin. They were introduced to Australia and are such a pest. Not only because they eat food that should go to the natural wildlife or because they get eaten by the natural wildlife, who then die because of the poison but because our dogs and cats also eat them, get poisoned and then die.

I was watching 'Underworld' (not recommended... I love the idea of werewolves but I've yet to see a great CGI version of them!) and there was a climactic scene where a guy is changing into a werewolf. There is a pitiful growling that sounds absolutely pathetic, not the noise you would expect to come from a werewolf, when I realise it is coming from Nilly outside. I leap up from the sofa because I think she's spotted another creature that hangs around our garden, a blue tongue lizard.
I always have a heart attack when I see the one that hangs around our garden... and then I see its little stumpy legs and realise that it's not a snake and breathe a massive sigh of relief. They're quite shy things but if attacked, will put up a good fight. They have nasty bites, not poisonous but they've got really strong jaws.

Anyway, Nilly is standing guard on the patio, growling and thinking about descending the stairs to get at whatever she is growling at. I look and see that it is a giant cane toad. It was honestly about half the size of little Nilly! I scoop her up from the steps and feel her gums. The poison apparently feels very 'tacky' and coats the gums of animals that try to eat it. Her gums feel normal but I still rinse them thoroughly. I was so excited because I knew exactly what to do (but only because I knew Nilly was in no danger whatsoever!)

I came up with my last three hairstyles. Very exciting because I invented one of them! I'm pretty sure a quick google search would come up with thousands of hits of this style but I came up with it by myself. So I'm all prepared to go out with a bang!


Katie said...

It's great when you have a chance to put your learning into practice! So maybe you actually did some study after all...

ladykate63 said...

LOL, the cane toad is kind of ... so ugly it's almost cute? :p

Abigail said...

I've seen a movie about cane toads. One of my friends is obsessed and the license plate on his care was kntoadz. No joke.