Friday, 12 August 2011

Big Block of Emo Text

Saddest moment to date. We had to put down one of the loveliest dogs I've met at work. This dog apparently had a history of biting children and had been rehomed, I assume, to a family with no children. The dog again bit a child and so the original owners made the decision to have the dog put down. It also happened to be a breed that is seen by most people as a 'vicious' breed so I can understand their concern. I don't blame the owners because it is well within their rights to do this and I don't pretend to know all the story but oh... it made my heart hurt so badly.

The people didn't stay with the dog so he was brought out the back but he came BOUNDING through the door! He greeted each one of us, seemingly a real 'peoples dog' and he was filled with real joy. He also had the coolest name. He did not stop wagging his tail once and we, of course, made a big fuss over this guy which he loved. He snuffled in our hair as we played with him on the floor and whacked all of us with his giant tail because he was so busy wagging it.

Although it was hard, I was really proud of the way that he didn't suffer and that we did our job to the best of our ability- for ourselves, for the dog and for the owners. He came into a room, we played with him for a while, gave him love and attention and then cuddled him whilst the injection was given.

Although afterwards, it was very quiet for a while as all of us were very near to tears. So I went out and brought cake to make us feel better! Which always works.


Gentri said...

Thank goodness for cake!! Except... there's none over here!! *tear* :(

Abigail said...

I'm so sorry. That sounds horribly hard. But cake DOES make things better. Much love to you.

Emily said...

I used to work at a vet and no matter how many times it's done, it's never easy..and as a teen I took our dog to be euthanized, not easy.

But cake! That does definitely make everything better. :)

ps, thanks for telling me about my saying psalm and not proverbs, I fixed it :) And you're not a nerd at all for marking it in your bible. :)

Emily w/Amazing Grapes

Katie said...

I'm very glad that dog was in such good company at the end.

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

I'm in tears just reading this. :(

Sounds like you guys handled it very well. I really admire you...I don't think I could do your job. I would be such a ball of emotions all the time.

Hope you are having a happy weekend. xx

ladykate63 said...

Oh wow, that's so terribly sad. :( I'm glad you were able to make his last moments good ones, though...