Saturday, 20 August 2011

Ok, let's start again.

Right, well I had possibly the worst day yesterday at work! You know when you're already having a terrible day and then bad stuff happens?? That was me! I was having like the WORST midlife crisis and just feeling terrible about everything and thinking that I was the worst vet nurse in the world... and then my boss basically told me that I was the worst vet nurse in the world* (*not his actual words). To make matters worse, I started CRYING which is super embarrassing when you are nearly 26 and at work. And then I was embarrassed and angry that I was crying, which made me cry even more. And once the floodgates had opened, I couldn't stop crying. I had to run to the bathroom about three times that day and as soon as I even think about tears, I get all red and blotchy, so it was pretty obvious that I was miserable. Which makes for a great work atmosphere.

The situation definitely left me with a bad feeling in my stomach and I could still cry just thinking about it. It makes me not want to go back next week. But at least I don't have to work with Dwight K. Schrute. Although I wish I worked with Jim!

Although it did get better because once my boss left, the girls brought me cake :) And the vet that was on asked me to help out with a gross job because she knows I love gross things (yes, I'm weird, sorry!). She was like "If we're lucky, there will be pus". No pus :( but I did get blood dribbling down my arm. And then the dog shook its head (where the bleeding was coming from) and I felt all these droplets go on my face!! Eww!! When I went out of the room, I looked in the mirror and I had blood droplets all over my face which made me laugh.

AND, you know what?! It is the WEEKEND!!!!!!!! The sun is shining, it's a little chilly but that's good coz I get to wrap up which I love. My hair is in a messy plait which makes me feel bohemian and awesome. And right this very second, with no petic license at all, I got a text message from my friend from work hoping I was feeling better after yesterday. Isn't that nice?! And I am off to the movies this afternoon with my roomies and I will get a giant bucket of popcorn and because I went for a run this morning I won't beat myself up about it.

I read a post this morning which can be found here and it really rang true. I am going to try and choose to be happy.


Gentri said...

I hate that sick stomach feeling... It's the worst and I get it often because I'm lame like that. I hope that you are feeling better!! I'm so sorry it was such a bad day. It sounds like you've got a very good attitude and are doing better already. :) Oh Jim and Dwight. If only they were real.

Katie said...

Well I am glad to hear things got better eventually! I hope your weekend is absolutely awesome to compensate for all the blahtasticness of yesterday.

Abigail said...

Oh no! I'm sorry everything was sucking. I totally understand about feeling midlife crisis-y. I'm glad it got better though. What movie did you see?

And yes, I know I NEED to see Sherlock Holmes!!! I think it's even on Netflix streaming! Ugh, I'll watch it, I promise! Also-- House on the Rock is WAAAY trippier than it seems in the book. It was crazy.

Feel better!

sarah nicole said...

I'm sorry you had a bad day! It's good that you can focus on the little things that make you happy.



Janette said...

Bad days stink..and so do mean bosses.. Sorry to hear about your turmoil...and I'm a little disturbed about the puss thing and the blood would have thrown up a little...Guess it takes a special someone to be a vet nurse huh? You're cool! And ysy for kind coworkers that bring the goodies!

Janette the Jongleur

Janette said...