Monday, 8 August 2011

Study Day Again

I am thoroughly stuck in a rut. I hate my study. I wish I could just go and work as a vet nurse and learn on the job. I hate having to go to school and do assignments, they are no fun! I find school life so boring, not to mention the science stuff ridiculously hard. Science stuff does not easily go into my brain!

Study makes me sad and then I came across this quote:
A sad soul can kill you quicker, far quicker, than a germ. ~ John Steinbeck

So I started doing some major procrastinating and be warned because this post will blind you with ALL the pictures I post :) I was thinking about exactly where I would like to be instead and this is stemming off from a convo I had with a friend earlier this week.

I would much rather be in Scotland, where the scenery makes my heart ache in pleasant ways

I'll be living in a crofter's cottage, like this one

No wait, this one
Nope, this is my final answer
I will have lots and lots of cats and dogs. I will be crazy cat AND dog lady.

And I will live alone so that I won't be judged because I want to dress them up.

And maybe a horse. No, scratch that- a donkey.

I shall have some highland cows and I will plait their fringes so they look cute *and* it keeps the hair out of their eyes.
And maybe, just maybe, if he's lucky I will have a gorgeous Scotsman to accompany me.

It would also be super helpful to the fantasy if he was good with his hands. Hey, minds out of the gutter, I meant good at craft like things, like putting up shelves for all my books

or actually putting a roof onto my cottage, coz that might be nice.

Also whilst putting together this post, you might have guessed, I finally gave in to my Pinterest longings... does anyone have an invite for me???


Gentri said...

Definitely the second cottage for me! As long as that's a lake surrounded by mountains and not an ocean. haha! And I'd need a goat as well! I want a goat really bad for some reason... haha! Shoot me an email and I'll invite you to Pinterest. :D

Abigail said...

I love this post so much I can't even explain it. I'm moving to Seattle in ONE WEEK and the other day my friend's husband said, "I hope you like rain." and I replied, "Not really..." and he said, "But you like the UK right? Just pretend you're in Scotland and it will all be better."

Abigail said...

Also, the kitty in the glasses makes me happier than anything.

ladykate63 said...

Oh wow, I LOVE these pictures! The cottages (the last one especially) but also the doggies, and the stacked cats, and the kitty with glasses. Adorable.

ladykate63 said...

(Oh, and procrastinating, eh? ;) I know one place where you can do that... hee hee...)

Katie said...

Wow, I completely left a comment on this post and my iPhone appears to have eaten it. What did I write? I can't really remember, although maybe your mum can find out for us by using her handy time-travelling abilities...