Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Day 30: And I Cut All My Hair Off!

Ok, I kid, I kid. But this is good practice for short hair. Also, what is my t-shirt doing?

I just put my hair into a loose bun and pinned it underneath the loose hair.
I gotta admit that this style didn't hold very well. By the time I walked the 15 mins to school, it was all falling out. I kinda hoped that it looked like this:
Instead, it actually looked like this :
So that's it, guys! No more hair posts :( I still have a long way to go though before my hair is long enough to cut off. It'll be weird not obsessing over what style I'll put my hair into each school day. Might do a weekly hair post though. Don't want to lose my braiding skillz!


Abigail said...

Well, I must say I like the short hair look on you, so that's a plus for when you actually get it cut right??? If I were you I would braid it with a scarf everyday. I think that was my favorite style. SO PRETTY.

And I will think on that procrastination post. I'm figuring once classes start again I'll start procrastinating again. Or maybe even next week I'll be procrastinating on packing hardcore...

Katie said...

How much longer do you have to grow it before you can have it cut off?

Gentri said...

haha! I'm sure it looked like the first picture! Lovely lovely. :) How short are you going to cut it when you do?