Wednesday, 7 September 2011

10 Day You Challenge

This looks like fun. I've seen it on a couple of blogs that I read and I want in! I won't be doing it every day but just when I want to shake things up on the blog.

First day is ten secrets, so here we go!

#1 I'm 25 and I still have a stuffed toy in my bed. He is called Woof and is awesome. I actually only got him when I was 10, so he's not a beloved baby toy which I feel would somehow make it ok that I still have him. I don't snuggle with him every night or anything, just like having him around. One of my favourite things about him is that he is also my dog's toy too. Ok, this is getting weirder and grosser by the second, sorry. When my dog used to live with me, she used to love Woof as well and would just carry him around in her mouth all over the place and would snuggle with him. So Woof reminds me of my dog, who now lives with my grandparents.

#2 I'm a total cry baby. I hate crying but I cry an awful lot. Probably about once a week. If possible I cry in privacy but sometimes I get caught out crying in public.

#3 I still daydream about celebrity crushes. I know I was supposed to give up all that when I left high school but I can't help it! Sometimes it's nice to think about how [whoever I'm crushing on today] and I will meet and how we will get married and have celebrity babies with nice ordinary names.
#4 I know for a fact that I will grow up to be a crazy old lady with a house full of animals. I'm ok about it. I just hope my house doesn't stink *too* bad.

#5 I only sing along to music when I'm in my car. There's something about blasting music really loudly and singing along that is so liberating. I think it's because I play my music so loudly that I can't hear how my actual voice pales in comparison!

#6 I wish I had the guts to wear gypsy, boho fashion. I would love to swan around all the time in long skirts, vintage tops, messy hair and top it all off with bangles. My sensible brain rejects this fashion because it is messy and unprofessional. Although I do have the 'messy hair' part down :)

#7 My dream job would to be on the judging panel of a reality show. Doesn't matter which one. I would be the 'nice' judge. I think it would be fun!

#8 My actual perfect man is John Krasinski. Although that's not really a secret, I tell everyone that :) My girl roomie and I have had a John Krasinksi week actually, it's been lovely!
#9 I think I was born in the wrong era. I'm quite passive (read that as LAZY) so I would have been a perfect woman in olden days!!

#10 Whilst I'm a certified homebody, I really love travelling and living overseas for extended periods of time.


Holly said...

Mmmm I love me some John Krasinski :) Love him!!! I love traveling, too!

Abigail said...

I LOVE singing aloud in my car. It's SO FUN. But only when I'm alone. Or with a couple of good friends who are also singing aloud in the car. Also, I have a stuffed panda bear in my bed. Just nice to know it's there.

Danielle said...

Pretty Chris Evans is pretty!

Now I want to have a JKras week. Seriously!

I want to wear boho, too, but I'm not lithe and graceful. You could totally pull it off!

I cry heaps, too. I never used to. It's an affliction that has beset me in more recent years. Also I sing along to music loudly in my car. :P

Katie said...

Singing in the car is made of win. And it doesn't matter if people notice us, because they'll just be jealous they're not having as good a time as we are. Bonus points for dancing as well!

Janette said...

What a great challenge! I want to join since I sort of am stuck in a blog funk.. And that old lady with a bunch of animals part made me laugh..just get some febreeze!
Janette, the Jongleur