Saturday, 17 September 2011

Summer advice?

Today is my first day wearing summer clothes. I spend the winter months dreaming of cute sandals and flirty skirts but when summer actually rolls around, I realise that I hate it! I love winter clothes because you can layer and I love layering.

I never know what to wear in summer. I tend to wear more conservative clothes than the average 25 year old. And while I try and look vaguely hip, in summer I usually just end up looking like a 50 year old Amish woman. (No offense meant to any 50 year old Amish women who stumbled across my blog). Can anyone offer any tips on how to look good and keep cool in summer without resorting to nakedness?

Also I had to wear a long skirt today because of this bruise on my leg.
PS It looks way darker in real life, just so you know and can offer your sympathies.

Yet another reason to hate summer. I’m constantly walking into things and getting bruises. Which never looks good in a skirt. Also I needed to wear a longer skirt today so that I don’t blind people with my pasty white legs!


Abigail said...

It's becoming winter here, so I'm wearing the opposite type of clothes. I don't have very good summer advice, though, because this summer I spent most of my time inside a cold theatre, so I still layered... typically, I wear jeans or linen pants and tanktops in the summer.

Emily w/Amazing Grapes said...

I stared at that picture FOREVER...All I saw was a pregnant belly. bahahahaha. I kept thinking, she's NOT pregnant, she said it was her leg... but man! I could not get 'pregnant belly' out of the brain to think "leg".