Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Still plodding along

I took my Pathology exam and passed, phew!

AND the giant assignment that I was freaking out over to be handed in on Friday?? We were talking about it to our teacher who said "I thought it was due in after the holidays?". It was originally meant to be due after the holidays but some people in the class asked for it to be moved forward because we have a whole heap of stuff due after the holidays. I thought it was stupid because we haven't even done the class that this assignment is for! But everyone wanted to get it out of the way so the date got changed. Anyway, the teacher just shrugged his shoulders and said "Do I look like I care? We haven't even started doing the class, just hand in the assignment after the holidays". Yay!!!!!

I'm going to be so busy in the holidays doing school work but tonight I am going to just relax, read my book and enjoy Blu Ray Tuesday.

In other news, I did a rope braid in my hair. I redid it for a photo after school and it came out WAY better this time than how I had originally done it!

I'm off to read my book and probably nap too. Love doing nothing :)


ladykate63 said...

Congratulations! and lovely braid. :)

I hope I'm not bugging you with the forum nudges, but look: Robin Hood Fan Community Turns Two

Also, check out The Camp, our new multifandom forum. :-)

See you soon? ;-)

Katie said...

It's always awesome when you get an unexpected extension on a project of doom. Huzzah! It does rather sound as though your holidays are going to be full of schoolwork, though - I hope you'll find some time to have fun along the way.

Holly said...

Love that rope braid!!! I might try that out sometime.

Danielle said...

My mouth literally, actually fell open when I saw your braid. That's amazing!

Danielle said...

Um, and CONGRATS on passing your exam!!! You deserve your Blu Ray Tuesday break! (and I hope you pick a winning movie this week).

Abigail said...

Congrats on passing the exam! Can you teach me (or send me to a website that will teach me) how to make that braid? It's gorgeous.

What movie(s) did you pick for this Blu-ray Tuesday?

Meg {henninglove} said...

congrats on passing the exam!! and i love your hair super cute

Jennifer said...

LOVE the rope braid! So cute!

Mrs. T said...

Your braid looks awesome... I can't do ANYTHING with my hair!! I can barely do a pony tail... no lie!