Saturday, 3 September 2011

Work & school stuff

Friday was exciting at work. I normally wear a purple scrub top to differentiate myself from the rest of the staff who wear light blue. It's supposed to show that I'm the work experience girl but unfortunately it usually backfires and people assume that I'm the vet! Which horrifies me- don't trust me with your animals!!!!

Anyway, my boss told me that he was now happy for me to 'upgrade' and wear the light blue scrub top!! Yay!!!!!! Who knew that changing outfits would be so meaningful and such a source of joy?! AND I'm getting my own name tag with 'VETERINARY NURSE' engraved on it. If I have a name badge, then I know it's the real deal.

I also assisted with my first real autopsy. It was gruesome and awesome all at the same time. Certainly makes me realise just how fragile we all are and what a miracle the body is.

I'm currently putting together a slide show for my Edinburgh talk. I wasn't nervous about it until this morning when I was semi-practising it in front of my mum and she kept interrupting. Now my stomach is churning... why is public speaking so hard??? Although I will have a much quieter audience on Monday, much less interference!!


Danielle said...

Congratulations on the blue scrubs!!

Wow. You seriously are so much braver than me. The thought of an autopsy has me running in terror.

Abigail said...

Yay congrats!!!!!! That's fantastic!

Also, I must say, I would be way more terrified of performing an autopsy than of public speaking. This may be one of the few ways in which we seem to differ :).

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

Woop Woop! Congratulations to one VERY IMPORTANT Veterinary Nurse! I am so super happy for you, lady! WOWZA! You will rock that light blue scrub top!! ;)

I'm pretty sad about the autopsy. :( Although, it is just another part of this amazing life that we all lead...and like you said, a reminder of precious LIFE is and how we should treasure each moment. & on a random sidetone, I don't think that I was aware that they performed autopsies on animals. Hmmm.

Katie said...

Huzzah for good things happening at work! It all sounds very real indeed.

Good luck with your speech! I'm sure it will all go very well. How big will your audience be? Is it better if it's smaller or bigger?