Thursday, 22 September 2011

Blu Ray Tuesday #4

I can’t leave you guys without your Blu Ray Tuesday reviews! What was I thinking?! Besides, writing this was a nice break from writing assignments!

Since writing about my fear of Jurassic Park a few posts ago, it got me thinking about the movie and whether it would be that scary after not watching it for probably ten years. We decided to do a Jurassic Park marathon so girl roomie and I went down to our video store... and we couldn't find it! So girl roomie went and asked at the counter and she was directed to the section that I had been looking in for the last five minutes, unable to find it (and slightly panicky).

Of course, girl roomie found it straight away! I also wanted to get the other movies in the trilogy so I went up to the counter and asked where they were. The girl at the counter was like "uh... are you with that girl?" referring to girl roomie and it made me giggle, us getting sassed by an underage video store employee. They weren't there but I will definitely be reviewing 'The Lost World' next week- unless some other person has stolen it from me.

The movie:

The menu: We'd had fast food three nights in a row, so we decided to cook something for 'fast food night'. We had Vietnamese Spring Rolls, which are probably called something else for different people but look at the recipe and give it a whirl, so easy and yummy!

You guys, this movie is nearly twenty years old. Just let that sink in. How old do you feel now?!?!?! And as we were watching it, I really felt that people don't make movies like this nowadays. Maybe we're so used to CGI now, maybe I'm too old to feel the magic of Hollywood anymore but this movie? This movie is AWESOME! It's got light-hearted moments, it's got good old fashioned scares, it's even got Samuel L. Jackson in it! What more do you need from a movie?!

Some notes:

  • There was way more exposition at the beginning of the movie than I remembered.
  • Some of the CGI hasn't held up over time. We spent a lot of the movie going "That looks fake... that looks real... that looks fake".
  • Richard Attenbourgh's (the guy that owns the park and looks like Colonel Sanders) accent changes throughout the movie. Sometimes he's Scottish, sometimes he's English.
  • The kids are kind of annoying but not too bad. We kept telling them to man up. Side note: look at the boy from JP now!!! Just to make you feel old again :)

  • That theme tune is amazing. That is why John Williams is the man.
  • None of us can work out why Jeff Goldblum was invited to the park in the first place. He's a mathematician. The only reason he is there is so that he can be the voice of reason and foreshadowing.
  • The velociraptors are still hands down terrifying. I chewed most of my thumb nail off during that kitchen scene. And put my blanket over my head at several points.

  • Spielberg is the king of movie making. Remember the scene where Ellie and that hunter guy have to make it to the power station to turn the perimeter fences back on? It's a 20 metre walk and they can see the power station in front of them. But then the hunter guy tells them that they are being watched- and hunted. By velociraptors. You don't even see anything and yet it is a very fraught 20m walk- and then run.
  • Sam Neil is strangely attractive.

The very DVD menu is terrifying. It's just basically the scene where the velociraptors are walking around in the Welcome Centre and they're calling to each other. Girl roomie turned up the volume and I was talking to my mum on the phone and I heard the velociraptors and just stopped talking. And then when you press play, one of the velociraptors runs towards the camera to try and eat you. I shut my eyes.

We were talking about how they are apparently making another Jurassic Park movie and boy roomie was like "They'll probably make it in 3D". Oh wow. I would die of fright right there in the cinemas.

Just looking for photos for this post was pretty scary. And then I found these ones, a re-enactment and a poster for the next Twilight movie :)


Katie said...

I would totally go and see that Twilight movie. That picture is made of win and several kinds of awesome.

How is Jurassic Park nearly twenty years old? I remember going and seeing it in our rather modest 'local' cinema ('local' because it was about half an hour away) and being delightfully scared most of the way through. Mostly, I remember the music, because we played the theme song in my school band.

I hope your studying is going well. :)

Gentri said...

hahaha! That would be hilarious. Vampires vs. Dinosaurs. haha! But seriously, Jurassic Park really scares me! I actually have nightmares... haha! But I still like it. :) I would love if they made a new one, but it would kill me. haha!

Janette said...

Loveee that one picture with the guy pretending to be a dinosaur! HAHAHA! And get out of town!! That movie is 20 years old?????????????????????????Are you sure???!! Cause I remember being like 20 when it came out...And that math just doesn't add

Janette the Jongleur

Abigail said...

JURASSIC PARK! Regardless of the art, we MUST BE THE SAME. Zan and I quote Jurassic Park at each other ALL THE TIME. He has a lot more of it memorized than I do, but whatever. Velociraptors=totally scary. Also, I love the pics you found. I am not a fan of (really hate) Twilight, so the idea of them being chased by velociraptors is very appealing.

Also check out this:

If you type in 'velociraptors' into the search bar, it will come up with several other velociraptor cartoons he's drawn.

The Presutti's said...

Looks like you had a great time!!!

ladykate63 said...

I don't remember the movie too well, but the velociraptors were damn scary, and Jeff Goldblum is always great ... that's why he was in it. :-D

Oh, and I love Vietnamese spring rolls. And that Twilight demotivator poster, LOL.