Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Help needed!

You lot seem like an interesting, diverse, creative bunch of people. I need some help.

I have to give a 40 minute talk for my class in a few weeks. I have to teach them something in this 40minute talk. Now, I was originally going to do hair braiding but when I started telling people, they were a little reluctant to let other people touch their hair in order to do the braids. So that idea got put away.

The only things I can think of is something like 'no bake treats' or making friendship bracelets. I'd really like to do something that involves people doing something so they are not staring at me during this 40 minute talk! Who has some bright ideas as to what I might do?

It's such a long period of time, I might die!!!


Janette said...

I like the no bake recipes...That sounds cool... And ohhh my gosh! 40 minutes???????????????!!!! I would totally die too!
Janette the Jongleur

Gentri said...

Well, think of what you love. You love animals, being a vet, movies, and medieval/ fantasy type things. Am I right? Why don't you pick something from there? Your profile pic is you with a bow and arrow. Is that a hidden talent you haven't shared with us? That would be a really fun lesson! Although it'd take lots of preparation. But you have lots of talents and interests. I'm sure you can think of something!

Katie said...

Maybe you could go through setting up and keeping a blog?

ladykate63 said...

Hmm, you have to teach them a specific skill, or is it okay to convey information?

Is there a way you could teach hair braiding and get around the issue of people agreeing to have their hair touched/handled by others? Maybe ask for a couple of volunteers? Or rent a wig? :)

Other than that, the no-bake treats sound like a good idea...

Abigail said...

I like the no-bake recipe idea and Gentri Lee's ideas! Or you mentioned liking ancient history-- maybe pick a few fun people from antiquity and lecture on them? Have you seen Rome? You could work in something about making history marketable and where they take poetic license.

What age group are the people, the gender make-up, and do you have to teach them a skill?

lowercase letters said...

i can't imagine anything besides the life i live in the country! :D so you live in the city?
i hope this assingnment goes well... i'm kinda dead on ideas. lol

Abigail said...

P.S-- I'm so glad you were happy to get the e-mail!!!!

Emily w/Amazing Grapes said...

Gosh, 40 minutes? What's with it being so long?! 20 is plenty. haha

Since I'm not coming up with anything worthwhile, I won't lump myself in that 'creative bunch' group. I got nothing!

Basket weaving? I like the bracelet idea...

Emily w/Amazing Grapes

Danielle said...

The no-bake thing is AMAZING. I would be over the moon if I was in your class and you did an interactive talk on that!!

Anonymous said...

Your no-bake goodies idea is fantastic! I bet you can't find a student who doesn't enjoy having their day filled with food :)

Here is how I see the presentation going:
5 mins so you being your lovely self and explaining what you will be doing.

2 mins of excited chatter over the prospect of cooking.

10 mins to demonstrate the steps needed in making the treats.

13 mins for audience to make treats whilst you walk around engaging the audience (or just chatting about food and looking busy).

10 mins of yummy nom nom eating time. Sharing reflections on cooking and how awesome your presentation was.

Grade: A+

P.s I'm on the uni computers and for some reason it won't let me log in to my account so I'm an anonymous blogger today ha ha ha
Love Kristy

ladykate63 said...

So have you made a decision yet? :)