Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Sniffling my way through Tuesday

Remember how I put all my winter clothes away for the season? As a result, I was a little chilly last night when I watched an outdoor theatre performance and the cold that I have been fighting off for the last week managed to get its claws in! So I now have a cold. Ick! I'm feeling very sorry for myself and today's only the first day. Never mind. I have made the executive decision to take tomorrow off. I will stay in my PJs (unfortunately not my comfy winter ones!) and work on assignments and drink lots of tea.

Last night's theatre trip was awesome! It was two dance companies together- one does a lot of circus work and the other does 'raw' dance... I don't really know what that means, I just read the blurb about the show, but the end result was amazing. It was in an outdoors theatre and they had people doing a lot of wire work. There were people tapdancing vertically up a wall and this gorgeous piece where a couple floated and danced as if they were under water. And there was a lot of tap dancing where they followed the rhythm of each other's taps, not any music- which is possibly my favourite kind of dance. Like Stomp or Tap Dogs. I could watch that stuff ALL day. Seriously.

I get so jealous seeing people dance. It's just so beautiful and it's something that's so attainable too. Like if I'd only gone to dance lessons, I could be up there too. Although I know there's a lot of hard work and you do have to have a little something called 'talent', but *sigh*. I spent six years doing Irish dancing, won some district competitions but gave it all up. I wish I'd taken modern dance classes or ballet instead- something a bit more general- something that I could actually use. Oh well, I'll just make my future daughter take a myriad of dance classes. PS Check out my fancy vocab back there with 'myriad'! Sometimes I suprise myself.

But best of all, we discovered this awesome pizza place. I wish I was a food blogger because then I would have remembered to take photos of the pizza. Man, I want to go back there right now and eat. We had a streaky bacon and camembert on a red currant sauce pizza and another one that was chicken and mango chutney and something else. Oh wow. Kind of puts all those fast food pizza chains to shame!


Abigail said...

I am absolutely hopeless at dancing, and I DID take ballet! For like, 10 years!

Being a pizza fan (addict?), I am incredibly jealous of that wonderful sounding pizza. Yum.

FEEL BETTER from your cold! Drink lots of tea!

Holly said...

I sometimes forget that people from all over the world read my blog :) And it's also really interesting to hear about different customs and food and such. Yep, we use pumpkin for a lot of dessert stuff here--we use it in pies (pumpkin pie is my favorite!!), drinks, and other desserts...we combine it with cinnamon and nutmeg and sugar and other sweeteners to make it taste better. Come back tomorrow to check out my pinterest post, it will have a lot of pumpkin related stuff :)

What are some of the desserts that you have in Australia that are normal for you but might be different for us?

I hope you start to feel better soon! And I'm starting to take tap dancing again--I did it for 7 years growing up but stopped and then took it last Fall so I'm gonna do it again :)