Monday, 5 September 2011

The opposite of Monday blues

Hello! The sun is shining although I apologise in advance to all those in my part of the world. Because of Murphy's Law, the weather will now be cold and rainy. I took all my winter clothes back to my mum's house on the weekend (including my electric blanket) and got all my summer clothes... and because of that, I can pretty much guarantee a chilly outlook with the weather :)

My weekend was good. I went home to the Gold Coast and cooked soup for my mum who just got home after 2 weeks in NZ. I've missed my daily chats on the phone with her! Watched the new episode of Doctor Who. Stayed up far too late reading a scary book and then couldn't go to sleep!! Had Father's Day with my grandparents. Ate too much food.

My talk went well today to my class. Everyone actually really enjoyed it and laughed in all the right spots, so yay! It was only in front of about 20 people and we've been in the same class for 8 months so it wasn't as terrifying as I thought it would be. The only downside is that the projector wouldn't work for me and we literally wasted about an hour of the class trying to fix it. In the end, I just gave my talk and people had to look at a tiny computer screen to see my pictures. But it was good because it meant I got to sit down so I didn't have to worry about my knees knocking together which they sometimes do when I have to do public speaking. I now know what will be 'E' in my alphabet series, haha!

Tonight I'm going out to celebrate my town's festival. No parades, though Ashley!! Hehe :) We are going to see this dance/acrobatic show in an outside theatre. Hope it doesn't rain!! And then on Saturday I'm off to a comedy show. Um... remember that post about BALANCE?!?!


ladykate63 said...

Hey, I'm the first to comment! :) so glad the talk went well, but sorry about the projector! What's the scary book you were reading? and how's A Song of Ice and Fire? ;)

Enjoy the festival and talk soon!

Abigail said...

Congrats on your talk!!! And yay for mother's and grandparent's and festivals and comedy shows!

1) I forgot about Mufasa. That IS a hard one to swallow. I think I had mentally blocked it because it's so sad. And once I read about Mufasa it reminded me of Bambi's mother. ::cries::

2) Happier! I watched the first episode of "Sherlock" last night and OMG AMAZING!!!!! You were totally correct, thank you for the recommendation/reminder to watch it. I can't wait to see the next two. I think I'll do that today.

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

YAHOO! I am so happy that the talk went well...YOU can do anything you put your mind to, girl. :) & a big hooray for laughter in the right spots, because when it's not there it's quite awkward. ;)

NO PARADES?! BOOO. ;) ;) Just kidding. I think your festival sounds like a much better time...acrobats? WOW!

Have lots of fun, and celebrate your job well done in class! :D